The begging dog returns!

My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) – week 13

An unexpected moment when Donna decided that she would perform her wave, repeatedly, to con Mr P of his burger. I didn’t know how long she was going to keep at it, so I had to take the picture from where I was sitting. I was glad that I could capture her expression, actions and also the food she was interested in. Mr P’s arm in the foreground is kind of distracting but this is the best shot out of the few I snapped. I had to put that line of text to balance the picture, without it, there’s just too much empty space.

Why is it that the dog always thinks that we should give up our food to her. Humans get hungry too, you know.

This week’s MBPOTW submission ends today, Sunday. Got a good picture from this week to share? Join the challenge! :)

15 thoughts on “The begging dog returns!

  1. LOL! Too cute, Donna! I agree the text in the middle filled up the negative space very nicely. When I get out the dog treats for Maya & Pierson, they automatically perform their spin trick. I’m surprised they don’t make themselves dizzy.

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