Living with a Dog – Issue 17

Living with a dog is a weekly overview of the posts published in the last week on this blog, and some of the discussions prompted in the comments.

Dog Socialisation 2 – How socialised is my dog?

Continuing from Dog Socialisation 1, I tried to clarify my understanding of the word “socialisation” and what it means with regards to socialising Donna. – read this Dog Socialisation 2 here


Running with Sam: Is there a time at the Daycare that is less busy than other times that you could take Donna to? Being introduced to a new place, you not being around, and a large group of dogs is a very stressful situation. Maybe you could work on one or two at a time. Socialization is a daily continuum also. Sam and I will hike on a certain dog popular trail. Sam will be friendly with 9 out of 10 dogs and then just not like the last dog. She will not be mean or aggressive, but she will run past the dog without interacting and just be snobby.

Dog socialization is also continuing as they get older, Sam does not socialized the same way she did 3 years ago. You just kind of have to roll with the situation and trust your instinct on Donna’s behaviors. There is a dog park we don’t go to any longer because the owners and dogs personalities don’t fit with Sam or myself.

2 Brown Dawgs: I don’t think dog socialization ever really ends. But we do not necessarily shy away from unpleasant situations. The reason being that at some point in a dog’s life, they will probably be at a place they don’t feel comfortable or want to be at They have to learn to deal with those situations too and learn acceptable behavior. Normally we don’t make a big deal when the dog is acting nervous or stressed. We try to just act normally and carry about the business that brought us and the dog there. We don’t give a ton of treats in those situations or make a big deal out of it.

Dawn: The definition of socialization is a really complex and up to interpretation. My Maya does well at dog parks, with other dogs, and with people. But do these things really make her well socialized? I don’t think so. For one, even though she gets along well with other dogs, she doesn’t always know how to interact with them. She tries to play but she always comes across to me as the nerdy dog who keeps trying to fit in but never does. She loves people, but despite training she keeps trying to jump on them. She wants to be social but her attempt may come across as improper social behavior.

Re-homed dog abandons bear

One of this reasons why we have this blog is to write about adoption from the family’s point of view _ the good and the bad because that’s life. But in the larger world of animal rescue are many unknown volunteers who commit their time to the stray and shelter animals. Here’s a little story of such an old lady, who shall remain nameless.


Cascadian Nomads: Very cool shot! Initial tearing of toys seems to be some sort of test by certain dogs to make sure the toy is worth befriending for life. Of course, this depends on a humans time to mend all these toys!

Ruby the Black Labrador: Ruby is still hanging on to one old favourite which hasn’t been mauled. We do mend them and watch her tear them apart again. But she does love angry bird despite his thinness:)

Phoneography Weekly: Look straight ahead

This week’s black and white photos were interesting to me because the subjects were in some ways opposites from each other in terms of size, the closeness of the shots, one is dark, the other not so, structured and orderly vs layered confusion. – View the photos here.


Sally: Number one and two are my favorites–well done. I might have cropped up from the bottom more on the first one, so the pigeons are more evident. I like your experimentation with abstraction. The first wins me over. Happy Phoneography Monday.

Roxy the travelling Dog: I like those. I like black and white photos because you focus more on the shapes.

Crop and turn a bad picture into a good one

Last week Dawn asked about the pictures on Creepy Crawlies, Dawn asked “How did you get them to focus so well? I can never get good close-ups, especially not with my phone camera.”

Four words: Go close – Focus – Crop

Details here.


Teepee12: No sharpening tools? Answer here

Flea: HI’m hoping to get my hands on some tiny lenses for the phone soon. Taking photos of moving critters is HARD!

Weggieboy: Though it is great when one gets exactly the photo one wanted each time the shutter trips, reality is that rarely happens with photos of critters! As your examples show above, there often is a better shot in the photo that cropping brings out.

My Best Photo of the Week – Week 12

Thank you for the lovely ladies who took part in my Wednesday Photo Challenge from looneyatomsCompletely Disappear1stWorldDogLingeringVisions2catsandacattledogThe latest Challenge post is here. This challenge celebrates your best picture of the week. You can also read about this challenge here.

Have a Great Weekend!

Warm regards and Thanks to Jodi Stone, and Donna and the Dogs who hosts Follow-up Friday, the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend. Please visit Heart Like A Dog to check up on the other participating blogs. 

12 thoughts on “Living with a Dog – Issue 17

  1. Really enjoyed your week of photos and text. A quick note to let you know that there will not be a challenge next Monday due to the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Hope to see you on 02 December for the next challenge: Nature.

  2. Awesome follow-up, thanks for joining the hop!

    I agree with you about socializing. Sampson was well ‘socialized’ as a puppy and yet he still runs up full speed to greet other dogs. He will also do the same to greet people, so I think socializing is something you start and just keep working on until you get your dog where you need them to be. :-)

  3. I guess I need a better camera. Mine won’t focus that close. I love Roxy’s comment about the black and white photos. So true, and you’re especially good at finding those interesting shapes.

    • I’m using the iPhone 4s still. 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash, 1/3.2” sensor size, 1.4 µm pixel size. So you should get similar effect with a comparable phone or slim camera. ^____^

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