Re-homed dog abandons bear

No love lost between this two!

Newsflash: A re-homed local mongrel dog has been caught on camera abandoning her pre-loved toy bear. Donna the local mongrel refused to share her bed with the teddy bear, so much so that she was willing to give up the bed to the bear. When asked why she thought the bear too repulsive to be near, Donna replied that she couldn’t sleep with the bear there and the human clicking away on her phone camera on the other end. The human cannot be reached for comment. 

Not only Donna is rehomed in our flat. Most of Donna’s toys including this bear are pre-loved too. When we first took Donna home, she did not tear up her toys on the first day, no. It took her some weeks, but that meant we might have to have a toy budget for her to replace her toys, say every couple of months. I took to scouring the Internet and with a stroke of luck found this kind lady trying to sell a whole lot of stuffies at such a low price, we picked up a whole load off her! She had gathered them so that she could sell them at the SPCA junk sale to help the animals there, but the junk sale was cancelled. Imagine that we should turn up at her door step picking up her toys for our dog!

We never did need to replace that load of toys, Donna stopped ripping them up so much so they were always mend-able and playable again.

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34 thoughts on “Re-homed dog abandons bear

  1. Good for you, Donna, for not ripping your toys to shreds. Maya & Pierson are getting better about not destroying their toys, but I try to buy stuff that is more durable than the standard plush toys.

    • She seems to have different ways to play with her plush toys versus other toys, so we like to get her a variety. We tried to get a tougher stuffed toy that was more firm and she totally ignores it! XD

  2. Very cool shot! Initial tearing of toys seems to be some sort of test by certain dogs to make sure the toy is worth befriending for life. Of course, this depends on a humans time to mend all these toys!

    • Well, looks like more of her toys pass the test! It’s not too bad really, we have enough to rotate the toys around and I mend them all in one shot every other month, or when I need something calming to do. :)

  3. That was a great find on your part…since all toys are pretty much immediately destroyed by our golden, I really need bargain toys for sure. I also wish I could sew…I make attempts at it but it just doesn’t last. Plus I just really dislike it. :) Sounds like maybe Donna has outgrown the destruction, but Sheba is 9 so I don’t think that’s ever going to happen!

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