Facial reconstruction

I help my human get some toy time too. I am so very helpful. (^_____^)y #dog #stuffie #toy #frog

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My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) – week 11

Sometimes, it just takes a daily photo challenge that says “toy time” and a chore such as mending a ripped toy to result in a picture that I would not have thought of taking in the first place. In fact, the idea only occurred to me because of the new hole made that very morning during tug. The toy was a freebie and not something I would pick out on my own, but in this case it just filled up the space and was perfect for it.

What do you imagine the frog is saying?

P/s: apologies if you came checking the blog and found nothing here yesterday. This is yesterday’s post but I had to post late because of laptop problems ): Not fun. The next post will be published in another 8-10 hours time. ;)

18 thoughts on “Facial reconstruction

  1. I remember stitching up a dog toy one time so my dogs could keep playing with it. I spent more time stitching it up than the dogs took in tearing it up again. Waste of time. :P

  2. Haha, we have to do the same with Hanzo, Isn’t it funny how dogs have their favorite toys and can be so picky with the ones they *really* like? :)

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