My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – week 10

Before you know it, we are at week 10. Here are

LAST WEEK’S ENTRIES: My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – WEEK 9 (16 – 23 Oct)

Pictures are cropped, please visit the original post (links below) to view the full pictures with the photographer’s original thoughts on them :)
Clockwise from top left:
Top Left: Afternoon siesta time!, on Instagram
Top Right: It’s all about family,
Bottom Right: Happy Birth Day 1 Year,
Bottom Left: Sunset Walk,

How many sleeping positions does a dog have? This week weliveinadog and 1srworlddog showcased just two of them. With a place to call their own, a dog’s life can be pretty carefree – eat, sleep, play – while the humans have to worry about time to go for walks, time to clean, whether the dog is safe at home/outside, time to train, time to do other human things like work, keeping up with friends, etc. Amidst all that rush and worry, a quick snap to crystallize the moment – Bodhi asleep with toddler, or Copper walking with his human in that sunset hour where the light is low and the shadows are long – perhaps will help us to remember and appreciate, what we are working so hard for… and what we savour in life.

And it’s not just the dogs in our life really. It is the little moments when we take the time to enjoy the world around us, such as food, such as keeping up the endeavour to post once a day for the year. Happy Blog Birthday again, completelydisappear. :D Thank you for celebrating with this challenge ;)

My Best Photo of the Week is not harping so much on technique or what state of the art equipment you have, although you could if that is what rocks your world. This week’s pictures, I do feel, showcases what this challenge tries to be about – looking through the numerous pictures that we took throughout the week and sharing the one that is most significant to us at that particular point in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing with us! 

Please do visit and read more about each picture by clicking on the links above. The photographers have provided a little description of the pictures and why it is special for them :)

This challenge celebrates your best picture of the week. It may be a picture which you feel shows your focus in particular types or formats of photography. It may be a simple image that shares your fascination with the change in season. It may be a quick snaps of something on the ground that caught your eye. Whatever it is, it is a picture that you feel is that best/most interesting photo you have taken/edited for the week and which you would love to feature again.

Welcome to My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – Week10

This challenge hopes to find people who:

  • would like a more structured weekly process of reviewing your total output for the week and re-feature your favourite that week, so it may be better appreciated on its own
  • want to share photos that do not fit with existing themed challenges
  • just want to have fun showcasing your best/significant photo for the week

To join this challenge, visit the About MBPOTW Challenge page to learn how to play.

Accepting photo submissions of your one best photo. The subject of the photo can be anything, not necessarily dogs. The photo should be shot or posted between 23-30 Oct, 2013. Submissions end by this coming Sunday.

To qualify, you need to:
(1) tag your post/picture – #mbpotw_wk10
(2) send a pingback/trackback URL to
More rules/instructions on the About page linked here.

Please keep comments here related to the photos posted. If you have any questions about the challenge (not the photos posted), please comment on the About MBPOTW page.

Thanks for checking this out!

Current Week 10 entries
For all: Entries tagged #mbpotw_wk10
For blogs: wordpress reader (login required) –!/read/topic/mbpotw_wk10/

Submission for week 10 ends Sunday ;)

Note: weliveinaflat has asked permission from the featured challenge participant to repost their photos on this blog post. Copyright belongs to the author/challenge participant of the photo, please visit their blogs or contact them directly if you would like to learn about their terms on usage and limitations.

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