Living with a dog – issue 10

Living with a dog is a weekly overview of the posts published in the last week on this blog, and some of the discussions prompted in the comments or thoughts that I had as a result of hindsight later on.

The following list gives you a quick idea of the main topics covered in this issue, before the full article:

  • Playing Fetch
  • Humans and our sense of humour
  • Photography

Without further ado…

Playing fetch

I posted a video of Donna and I playing fetch on Playing Fetch with a Crafty Dog. I also described the choices each of us were making which led to the particular way we play over the months.

Frances D: My first dog Rocky loved tug o’ war. Husband lost a sweatshirt to that -lol.
Roseylinn: I lost a sock to tug o’ war. I later found it in the yard all muddy. :)
weliveinaflat: :D They leave you surprises for the next day? :P That’s part of the fun, huh? :D
Roseylinn: *laughs* that all depends on what was left as a surprise and where. :)
weliveinflat: regardless… always a good reason to go shopping!!!! :P

2browndawgs: Good job Donna! We use words to release our dogs so we use different words when we practice the sit stay. It is funny. The tug on the drop is a tough one. Thunder used to play that game at the hunt test with a duck. (not good) We really worked on that all last year.

weliveinaflat: Oooh, hadn’t thought the brown dogs would tug or want to play with the duck!! Donna will never make a hunting dog… she’ll probably get the duck, ran back halfway and drop it and wait for the human to come get it yourself!… omg She is training the human to fetch!!! D: What release words do you use? I’m awful at release words… never really work on release words actually :P :P guess we’re slackers haha!!

thatjenk: I also make the dogs wait during in-the-house-fetch, but they’re allowed to get a bit more rambunctious outside (and the toys are thrown further, so the headstart doesn’t matter as much). Keeping it a bit calmer and controlled in the house means I can justify it as “training”, and ignore my mom’s nagging voice in the back of my head from childhood (“NO horseplay in the house!”).
And it’s the same in our house, too – the Husband roughhouses with the dogs much more than I do, but it also means he gets covered in more drool :)

weliveinaflat: My mom accuses me of horseplay in the house too!!!! :D …I hadn’t talk to write about outdoors simply because I have not successfully got her to play fetch outdoors.. she prefers to sniff… or play with other dogs… or to play keep away with the ball = = as she zooms here and there. Haha!

NW Frame of Mind: Drop it is a great command. :) I don’t like the tug of war either!
OhMelvin: Her ‘drop it’ is award winning!!! Love the video!

Hutchagoodlife: She is so well behaved! My friend tells her dog to drop it and he just doesn’t care!

weliveinaflat: When we first started, she was treated for dropping it… although that sometimes is a show stopper because then she becomes more interested in food than playing – – haha~

Dawn@AmericanDogBlog: What a cutie! She’s really having a good time. My dogs have the same trouble with deciding what to do… fetch, chew, or tug of war. Maya likes tug-of-war best but will let go if I say. Pierson prefers chew.

Sonel: She is such a happy pup! Great videos Mrs. P and it’s great to hear your lovely voice as well. Looks like you and Donna enjoy this game very much. :D *big hugs*

Dogs and Humans

 Donna says HUMANS have a weird sense of humour.

Most agree :D

Roxy the Travelling Dog: But it’s so cute!

Jan K: Yes, we do have a weird sense of humor, because I thought that was pretty funny too! I think blue dog won the stare down contest!

sassmuffins: We humans do have a weird sense of humor. We have to do something to keep ourselves entertained while you sleep the better part of each day! That’s how we roll…

mel: LOL! Yes! I thought you put it there. Dog moms do have a funny sense of humor sometimes. I have to admit I thought it was adorable. :)

Dawn@AmericanDogBlog: That is funny! How many of us have woken up to a big dog nose in our face? I have one word for you, Donna… payback. :D

I was quite down in the dumps when I published Symmetry, and I thank you all for your encouragement :)

Roxy the Travelling Dog: It’s hard to get going when you feel that way, but you just have to. The less you do, the less you want to do and so on and so on.

thatjenk: Usually it’s a dog walk that does the best to clear the cobwebs and resolve grumpiness. I might be tired, but 10 minutes of fresh air is a good cure and usually motivates me to stay out for at least an hour. That, or green tea. I don’t get my caffiene from coffee, so I turn to tea. Or those Starbucks Refreshers.

Linda@positivedogtrainingblog: I agree with thatjenk – taking Max for a walk revives me. (But I must admit a 12-oz black coffee helps, too!) I like the photos. I read somewhere that symmetry in features is considered beauty in a face.

CompletelyDisappear: Poor Donna and you. The rainy season will end soon here in our region. It might help Donna’s anxiety and you can take a rest. (I’m not sure Singapore as an island, will you have rain during Winter?). In the meantime, take care of yourself.

Ruby the Black Labrador: You take long walks outside, cook up nice food and sit on the balcony and chill out. That’s what you do…


I seldom saturate my pictures, but these came out quite well.

Part 2 of the Airport Series was published for Phoneography Monday Weekly Challenge.

I was very glad that it brought back some memories for you :)

LensandPensbySally: These are some of my favorites of yours–the airport set. The first and last pull me into the possibilities. Happy Phoneography Monday. Say hello to Donna and wish her a happy week.

Janet: We were just in the San Francisco airport a few days ago so this brought a smile to my face. So much to see in airports and unfortunately, usually too long to see them! :-)

Roxy the Travelling Dog: I like!! Since travel is our life, I really like.

Headlong #dog #mirrorimage #mirror #summetry

A photo posted by weliveinaflat (@weliveinaflat) on

I posted a photo out of the Symmetry post for Best Photo of the week. Despite my complaints about the app, people do seem to like the pictures. I got two shares on Twitter, and believe me when I say I’m bad at Twitter… I seldom get any shares! Haha! :D Thank you :)

sassmuffins: Buggy app or not, that’s a great shot. The symmetry also created a lovely heart between the two Donnas! Great and interesting photo.

Dawn@AmericanDogBlog: I like this photo. I didn’t know you used an app. It sounds like an interesting app. Trying to do it from a regular photo by copying half and flipping it is probably much more difficult than it sounds.

thatjenk: I like how the grass photo turned out in the app!

Hutchagoodlife: Those pigtures are great! Really different ^_^

Also posted a how-I-did-it post this week. It’s a simple post because the steps were that simple, but the results are awesome, if I may say so myself :P

hutchagoodlife: Oooo, love that. It looks much better that way. Much more dramatic.

^ ^

Last but not least, thank you for the lovely ladies who took part in my Wednesday Photo Challenge Completely Disappear and 1stWorldDog. Please click through to visit them and see their lovely photos and read though why they think those pictures are significant to them :)

The latest Challenge post is here. This challenge celebrates your best picture of the week. You are all invited to join the MBPOTW challenge. Find out more: About this challenge.

That’s all for now, remember to join MBPOTW-Week6!!

Have a Great Weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Living with a dog – issue 10

  1. Re: your question about what we use to release our dogs to fetch: we use their names. The reason for this is that at a hunt test if you say “fetch” or a common word, your dog may release when you don’t want it. Here is an example: your dog is honoring another working dog. You use “fetch’ as a release and so does the working dog’s handler…oops. Someone says “fetch” and both dogs release. It is very rare that two dogs with the same name will follow one another so that release is pretty safe.

    About Donna not bringing a duck back…well that is why we train. We reinforce the delivery to hand. We do it a million and one times to make sure the dog knows that is his/her job. The thing you don’t want to do is walk up on a dog that has dropped a toy or whatever. Drop the toy or don’t bring it back, no more fetch for now. Plus you don’t want to overdo the fetch play at any one session. Keep doggie wanting more. :)

    But Donna is doing really well and having fun so you are doing a nice job with her. :)

    • Thanks for the compliment! I like it when she is having fun, because it is infectious and I end up having fun too! Although sometimes… the human also wants more fun than trying to cajole the dog to bring the toy back! :P

      I’m very surprised that the release word is their name. But your explanation makes sense. It’s interesting how different people use words based on their unique situations.

      Your work with the brown dogs is tireless. I am full of respect. With Donna, what I do depends on what mood I am in. Sometimes we do overplay fetch, sometimes we don’t because exactly like what you say, I want her to learn to bring the toy back. :)

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