Headlong into you

The collar and leash
I heel and walk by your side
Leader, keep me safe.

Headlong #dog #mirrorimage #mirror #summetry

A photo posted by weliveinaflat (@weliveinaflat) on

My Best Photo of the Week (MBPOTW) Challenge – week 6

Not perfect, but this photo will show you my limitations using iPhone apps to edit. The picture would work for me if the colours were bolder, but I do like the symmetrical effect and how I can imagine the dog walking into herself and eventually disappearing into nothing, like how her shadow has started to merge. I love the arc of the lead, and the strange effect of it’s shadow going the other way because of the position of the sun.

Honestly speaking, without that buggy app that acted as a lens for me, I would not have produced a set of symmetrical photos. To shoot in the blind and hope the subsequent mirroring later will produce something good is just a waste of time. Of course, said app was a waste of time too since what I shot was not exactly what I got and the three in Symmetry are what I was able to salvage from it. Haha!

Challenge photos for Week 5 can be found here.

This challenge celebrates your best picture of the week.
 It may be a picture which you feel is technically good. It may be an average picture but dear to you perhaps because it shows a significant milestone. Whatever it is, it is a picture that you feel is the best photo you have for the week and which you would love to share again. Join us!

5 thoughts on “Headlong into you

  1. I like this photo. I didn’t know you used an app. It sounds like an interesting app. Trying to do it from a regular photo by copying half and flipping it is probably much more difficult than it sounds.

  2. I love this shot. The mirror effect really works for all the reasons you mentioned… and I noticed the heart as well. I’m hesitant to try the app if you’ve had such a challenging time, but hey… I enjoy a challenge. I’m ready to join your challenge! It will force me to take out my Lumix FZ35 which has been languishing for lack of use. The iPhone has it’s perks, but taking really super photos is limited. (Meghan from 2catsandacattledog.com)

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