Food and celebration

What is this? I told her to "leave it" and she did :) #fmsphotoaday

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This is not really where you would typically find them but red eggs are usually served during a celebration held after baby has been born for a month. Only the shell is dyed red, the egg remains white with a yellow yolk although sometimes the red dye may find its way in through cracks in the shell.

Anyway, I took this picture because I told Donna to “leave it” when she sniffed them out downstairs and she did.

Her reward*…

I guess for us, a celebration will invariable include food as the main theme. Of course, Donna will never disagree to that!

This dinner shot is totally set up and phony!! XD

* Rewarding good behaviour should be done immediately when the dog demonstrates the behaviour you desire from him. Rewarding later means that the dog may not connect the reward to the behaviour. Which means I will likely get no effect from the reward… well actually I just use it to reward her for other good behaviours since I boiled them already.

9 thoughts on “Food and celebration

  1. Donna is just so clever and good for her for being so obedient. She truly enjoys her yummy food! Great shots Mrs. P and big hugs to you and Donna. xxx

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