see in colour: see in colour:

This was during the haze period, where the air quality was bad so I had Donna in the study with me with the air-conditioning switched on. She no longer spends everyday here as the study is too cluttered.

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29 thoughts on “Books

  1. Haha – Cute photos! Every time I see photos of bookshelves, I find myself zooming in to read the titles! I’ve never read any David Eddings before. (Related: did you see the #bookshelfie meme on Twitter a few weeks ago?)

    • If you like fantasy, try it. Eddings to me is like… Harry Potter to children. :P Parts of the Belgariad and Mallorean series of books are pretty funny. *Goes off to search #bookselfie meme which I have not heard about. I am actually quite the Twitter novice :P*

  2. heheheh, funny Donna! I must agree with her though. Sometimes I read a book just so I can sleep. :D
    Great shots and captions Mrs. P. *big hugs* to you and Donna. xxx

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