Living with a dog – issue 6

Living with a dog is a weekly overview of the posts published in the last week on this blog, and some of the discussions prompted in the comments or thoughts that I had as a result of hindsight later on.

Warm regards and Thanks to Jodi Stone [heartlikeadog] who hosts Follow-up Friday, the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend. Her co-host this week is Dawn @ Pet Auto Safety. Please visit them to check up on the other participating blogs.

The following list gives you a quick idea of the main topics covered in this issue, before the full article:

  • remembering Nutty
  • is it safe to leave the dog alone in the balcony?
  • beach safety for water dogs
  • how to produce an image where the colour appears washed out in parts of the image
  • Which is your best photo of the week?
  • Thunderstorm phobia and the thundershirt

Without further ado…

Blog friends

I don’t know much about guinea pigs but now I am learning that they also can have thunderstorm phobia and they grieve when their mates die. Taking this moment to remember Nutty.

Canine health and living

This week, we took a closer look at how safe balconies are for dogs, and should we leave them there alone. While I tried to make the post informative, I suspect the humans  who actively seek/read such information usually are well-informed already. :P Nevertheless, I thank you folks for being so encouraging :P

hutchagoodlife: I didn’t think about anything to do with balconies as I’ve never had one but I have one piggy with an extreme fear of thunderstorms to the point where it could hurt itself. 

weggieboy: People are alarmingly ignorant of their fuzzy friends’ needs. Even simple things like leaving a pet in a hot apartment can be dangerous. I always leave the air conditioning on if I’m not here to judge how hot it is in terms relative to my Persian cats, with their long hair.

SonelPeople don’t realise that pets are like small kids – they can’t think for themselves and react to their instinct. As their ‘parents’ we should do everything in our power to keep them safe and healthy and by just giving them food and water just doesn’t do it.


Let’s take a drive to Changi Beach Photo Series

Alas, here at weliveinaflat, we also have lapses in our judgement and “don’t think” enough as Pat(ricia) says! *repents*

While enjoying the photos of the dogs running around and Mikki the Golden Retriever “sticking” to her guns and refusing to leave the water until she gets to complete her important mission of retrieving, please also bear in mind these kind words of caution from 1stWorldDog:

…(ps. suggest to owner of little dog if you see them again to take the leads off. Their dogs and also Donna, if they can catch her, might get there paws tangled and hurt themselves. Better to take leads off and have treats (or whatever motivation works) for a recall. (Apologies if getting a bit preachy… Just little things to keep the pups safe)

Just as lovely as those gundogs are out in the water… don’t throw them a stick.

For more horror stories about sticks, this post has the links

Links to the continuing series of beach photos: The waves… they be too loud | Three dogs | Grainy dogs running on a sandy beach | Mikki only plays with humans | The one about the cute puppy | Let’s take a drive to Changi Beach

Photography and image editing

Janet @ Sustainabilitea said: I like the photo with the cat in color and everything else washed out. How did you do that?

Answer: Primitively :P For the picture in the post – What lies under the bushes – I made a copy of the coloured image in black and white and layered it over the colour. And then I erased the parts of the black and white where I want the colour to show up. Setting the eraser to e.g. 20-50% allows the lighter wash of colour which makes it look wash out. Setting the eraser to 100% reveals the cat and the warm texture and structure of the surrounding dried leaves on the ground. It was all done in Photoshop.


Next, you are all invited to join the MBPOTW challenge. A weekly photography sharing event that shares your favourite picture taken/edited/posted for that week with others.

This challenge hopes to find people who:

  • would like a more structured weekly process of reviewing your total output for the week and re-feature your favourite that week, so it may be better appreciated on its own
  • want to share photos that do not fit with existing themed challenges
  • no restrictions on subject matter or format. Only criteria is to just post 1 photo of your own that you would love to share for that week.
  • For details,

I would like to thank Bodhi, the 1stWorldDog for being so sporting to take part!! :D Melinda is just so super awesome in all ways, including training advice.

If you have any questions about this activity, please do ask.  :)

Thunderstorm phobia and the Thundershirt

We introduced the Thundershirt to Donna, rather haphazardly but it was fine since she was pretty used to having the pink T-shirt on her already.

Here’s a collation of the comments about the Thundershirt on this blog so far:

Thundershirt worked for me

  • Crazy Dog Lady @ Run A Muck Ranch: Someone gave us a Thundershirt for Willy. It worked great in moderating Willy’s constant battle with Crabby, at least until the Idiots got it off him and used it as a tug toy.

Thundershirt did not work for me

  • Dawn @ American Dog Blog: Pierson tried the Thundershirt for his recent visit to the vet. It didn’t help.
  • Sue @ Talking Dogs: We had 9 days in a row of wicked thunderstorms and poor Rudy quaked. Thundershirt does not work for him. Neither do natural remedies.

Recommended the Thundershirt

  • Ruby the Black Labrador: …Putting the teeshirt on is a great idea – our pet shop sells weighted jackets …to treat nervousness generally and one of ruby’s friends wears one out in the park because he is very nervous (and he’s a lab)…
  • Kristen @ Well-minded word: I have done a few posts about the ThunderShirt and have seen a lot of positive results.
  • Linda @ 2BrownDowgs: I have heard really good things about Thunder Shirt.

Unsure about Thundershirt

  • Completely Disappear: I’m not sure my dog will let us use the shirt for her because we used to let her wear another piece of cloth but she always try to remove it.

Thundershirt looked stylish

  • Jo @ The Sundog Drift: We tried a “Zendog” for Nevada. It did not turn her into a Zen dog is all I can say. The Thundershirt looks much more stylish.
  • Ku @ Haiku by Ku: Donna, your thundershirt is very stylish! Wooooowooooooo, Ku

And then the discussion diverted to the topic of a dog’s colour vision :P

I have never thought dogs would be colour blind or see monochrome! D: I just assumed they saw same as humans!

That’s all for now, remember to join MBPOTW-Week2!!

Have a Great Weekend!

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25 thoughts on “Living with a dog – issue 6

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of Nutty, it’s very sweet of you. He was the one who was severely afraid of thunderstorms. The first one he experienced when he was 11 weeks old and he was so scared he ran repeatedly into the cage bars and gave himself a bloody nose. Luckily a vet trip after the storm passed confirmed he was ok but it was a big shock that they could be so scared.

    Have a great wheekend


    • Oh dear, it’s awful that he was so scared that he would run into the cage bars and hurt himself. It also means that every time it storms, you must be busy making it as un-scary for him as possible, playing music and shutting curtains and comforting him. It takes time, patienceand a lot of care, which people with/without pets who don’t experience such fears may not understand. I hope it got better for him after that first time. And I’m glad your other piggies are not as scared. :D Happy Sunday to you, Amy!

      • Luckily he only got hurt one other time. The moment I realised it was a thunderstorm I was running home in the rain but he’d already done some damage to himself when I got there. Other times it was a case of soothing him and distracting him. He never really improved but he never got to the point where he actually hurt himself either.


    • Hello, the week is defined as Wednesday- Wednesday. You then have the time to pick and choose and blog about your photo from Wednesday to Sunday. I will publish the new Wednesday post, as well as recap the submissions for the previous week (as long as the participants remain a small manageable number which I think it will :P) on Wednesday to wrap up and start the process again. :)

      Therefore, currently the photo should be shot or posted between 28 August- 4 September 2013. And for the next week’s it should be from 4-11 Sep. Apologies that It is confusing and I did not explain clearly and succintly enough!

  2. Hi Y’all!

    Love to stop by here, though time is limited and so are my comments at times.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • The festival looks fun!! Congratulations to Bodhi for placing third in the Gamblers event, which unfortunately does not occur with Bodhi sitting at the gambling table smoking a cigar :P Looking forward to pictures of Bodhi in action!! I think I’ve only seen him with his ribbon so far, plenty of other dogs though on your Instagram :) They are all so smart!

  3. Great review. About leaving the leads on the playing dogs, we have always used check cords before our dogs’ recall was solid. We have not had issues. Like anything, you have to monitor.

    • I guess, the best is if the dogs have great recall then you can go leash free.
      If not, a retractable leash, 30ft/50ft long leash or check cord will be useful to giving the dog the freedom to run freely while still attached to the human.

      Like you, we have not had issues that day when the leash trailing after the small dogs. That said, accidents don’t happen every day but they could happen when one least expects it. Linda has a story on dogs getting tangled – – and while the culprit is the collar, not the leash, the lesson is transferable, I think.

      Hence, your wise words that like anything, one has to monitor :) and be on hand to, stop the dogs for a break when they get too rough and tumble amidst the collars and leashes/cords and manage if something goes wrong.

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