Loo, loo, skip to the loo~

Ears back, climbing, seeking attention, yawning.

Yes, I know. Thank you for telling me.

I know she is nervous, but sometimes I wonder if I coddle her too much. Mr P ignores her and she seems calmer with him. But when she sees me, she gets really pushy like above. And if you study her eyes, no dilation. She’s nervous, under some stress but still managing.

She wants something with that automatic sit.

Soon she figures we’re both taking it easy, even with the approaching rain and seems calmer. I talked to her a little and she gets excited. Oh-oh, I probably should never talk to her again. Ever!

The thunderstorm got really loud. And then she starts to circle her sleeping towel in the study determinedly. (- – !!!) I reactively screamed, “NO!” And she did. Thank GOD!

Urgently got her into the toilet. There she goes. For the record, because Mr P did once let her do it on the carpet because he thought she was circling to go to sleep. This is what it looks like.

She circled deliberately on the spot more than 10 times.

I probably should have taken a video but it seemed voyeuristic to me. Don’t ask me why I think an animated gif is any better. – –

She is toilet_trained, but when she gets over-excited, common sense/trained behaviour always flies out the window and any mat/rug-like texture becomes fair game for elimaination. That is why when we leave her alone in the house, she has no access to any towels, rugs, mats, only the pee pad in the toilet. And when we are at home and these things lie around, we need to really keep an eye on her to shepherd her to  the right spot to do it during stormy weather conditions.

Since she seemed to calm down better when I am out of the room, I went to sleep the rest of the day away. I wasn’t feeling well anyway.

Later in the night as we sat in the living room, she went and slept in her crate. Good.

We had a power failure today. Did a little bit of crate training today with her, while the electrician presented himself as the distraction working on the power unit. I was able to close the crate door with her inside for minutes, yay!

P/S It was difficult to get any electrician on a the phone on a weekend it seems. We waited more than 2 hours before the original electrician we called came along after his praying session at his temple.  During that time, we tried Town Council-listed numbers, companies that advertised themselves as 24hr emergency services, etc and they all never picked up the phone! D: Good idea to keep a reliable emergency contact for such services handy.

19 thoughts on “Loo, loo, skip to the loo~

  1. I can appreciate poor Donna’s confusion! She’s just trying to do the right thing. This post answers a question I had about pee pads, too…!

    In a similar manner, for reason that escape me, people how make cat trees always use carpet on scratching surfaces. The cat learns quickly that carpet is good for claw sharpening. Of course, carpeting on the floor isn’t acceptable for the task, so poor kitty has to make sense of why one carpeted surface is OK, but the other is off limits!

    • Yup, that’s why human management is very important and not just to trust the dog has been trained especially when the dog is under stressed. That is if the human desperately wants to avoid cleaning up! :P I have heard that for cats it is easier, they just do their thing like magic with little instruction. But scratching is a different deal huh? The funniest story I’ve heard, a couple bough a designer cardboard bench only for it to be shredded by the cat. :P

    • Hahahahahaha! Do I sound like a drama queen? :P To be fair, I was feeling unwell in the first place, which is why I wasn’t as solicitous of Donna’s comfort as I usually am. :P The human needs a break, so the dog got to spend quality time with the other human in the house. Thanks for popping by and sharing your empathy! :) I appreciate it!

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