Townerville Conservation Area

This is the last installment of Sonel’s Black and White Photo Challenge. The theme today, Doors and/or Windows.

A little bit of history: The Townerville area comprise mainly terrace houses built in the 1920s. The Art Deco styled 2-storey buildings were formerly used as government quarters but now available for lease. While all the front facade of the units are built to look consistent, habitation gives each unit’s set if windows, door and door grill and the space within a slightly different character.


left behind


A room for children perhaps.

The back of alley of the row of colonial townhouses.

An extraThe view from our study window where I do these blog posts. There is a colour “art” version on Instagram, if you are interested.


9 thoughts on “Townerville Conservation Area

  1. These are stunning shots Mrs. P and love the buildings and those doors are just too beautiful! Great entry hon and thanks for sharing. :D *big hugs*

I love your comments! It will help me greatly if you can leave them on the actual post that this post links to so that I can have them all in one place, thanks! :)

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