A torture rack of toys :O

If you visit now and then, you may have met Donna’s pink hippo and blue dog soft toys. Donna generally amuses herself with them by spreading them all over the floor or giving them love bites and shaking them into submission. So yes, the human is very much relieved that dogs do not show their love for their humans in the same way. *phew*

Over the weekend I needed something calming to do so I started mending her many grimy plush toys before washing them. So here are the cuddly toys hanging out to dry.

Blue dog: You can torture me all you like, my lips are sealed!!

Daily Prompt: Keep Out/Outside – Toys hanging outside on the balcony to dry

In the flat, a couple of her stuffed toys escaped the wash for her amusement.

Toying with some less used apps and filters and serendipity found me creating a mutant of a cuddly toy bear butterfly with clothes peg feelers, that has caught a duo of evil-doer defaced teddies! Can you see it? :P

Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge: Toys

Picking cuddly toys for dogs

  • Avoid choking hazard
    1. toy should be bigger than the dog’s head
    2. toy should not be filled with small pallets or beanies
    3. always mend rips or remove damaged toys to avoid dog swallowing toy stuffing
    4. dog-proof by removing all loose/attached decorative details like buttons, ribbons and other small detachable pieces that can be chewed off
    5. supervise the dog’s play with any cuddly toy containing a squeaker, remove damaged toys with squeaker exposed
  • Maximum fun!
    1. small/light enough for dog to carry around
    2. consider providing a variety of cuddly toys – one to carry, one to kill, one to baby
    3. run second-hand toys through a wash so that any smells unattractive to the dog is removed
    4. choose cuddly toys made with fleece or plush material which retain the dog’s smell and is more attractive to the dog
    5. dog toys not childrens’ toys (tougher and safer materials for dogs; dependent on manufacturer)

To be honest, we don’t practise all of the above. We have bought a couple of $2 stuffed dog toys with squeakers or bells within from Daiso. But all of Donna’s cuddly toys in the photos above are hand-me-downs, regular stuffed toys from home/office spring cleaning and also $1 second-hand soft toy listings from classified ads. But I made sure to dog-proof them and only buy stuffed toys that are not filled with beanie pallets. They don’t look too shabby do they? I do confess I am particular when it comes to toys that I have to see spread across the floor everyday, so no hideous toys for me! :P

Dogs aren’t particular and they are happy to reuse toys, so good for wallet, good for earth :D

– http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/dogs/tips/dog_toys.html
– http://www.safemadepet.com/what_is_safe.html

13 thoughts on “A torture rack of toys :O

  1. I love that close up photo of Donna. She looks so pensive with that human-like expression on her face. You should see our kiddos toys. we’ve stopped buying for a while since they never seem to last 5 mins anyway.

    • And I thought small dogs will have less destructive power when it comes to their toys :P We stopped buying so often once Donna settled down and much preferred to laze around and sleep rather than destroy her toys. Good thing. :P

    • You must have seen that gaping hole she opened in the back of the frog’s head. I missed mending that :P And don’t worry, they’re still hanging in there. I need all that stuffing to dry out! :P

  2. Donna do have a great selection of toys indeed. Trust you to torture the poor little darlings Mrs. P! LOL! But they should learn to accept what’s good for them. Donna need to have clean toys to play with, so I am sure they like their baths now and then and that Donna appreciates it too..hehehe

    I just love how you captured them and think these are great shots indeed Mrs. P and I am sure even Donna will agree! You’ve done an amazing job of telling their “tortured” story. Especially the last shot. Looks like that poor teddy had the twin evil there to torture it. Poor soul! LOL!

    Thanks for taking part and for being such a sport Mrs. P! Love you and Donna for it. :D *big hugs*

    • Truthfully, I got Mr P to hang them out so he started torturing them first! Apparently he thought pinching them in the ears is good for their little toy souls. Men! :D But yes, Donna was a great sport for lying there with her toy giraffe, unlike most of the photos on this blog. That was a deliberately posed photo :P Thanks for hosting the challenge! I do appreciate :D

      • Oh, I bet Mr. P truly enjoyed the torturing part but he must remember, those toys are going to haunt him when he least expects it..hehehehe
        Donna is an excellent photoshoot model. Give her my thanks for being such a sweetheart and lots of *big hugs* to all of you! xxx

    • We only had one or two toys at first, but I went “oh crap, we need to get more!” when she started to perform facial reconstruction and dismemberment on some of them. :P Now the entourage of toys is stable since she has become gentler with them :D I do wonder when you say alarming, I suppose the toys still number in the tens rather than the hundreds? :P That is one smart and lucky dog!

      Thanks for popping by and dropping your comment :)

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