My dog is a mystic “pack leader”

human: You know Donna, you should really pick up your toys sometimes.

dog: At home the Aries Ox can be rather untidy usually as they are busy people who find domestic chores tedious.

human: And pray tell, what you were busy with?

dog: Arian Oxen are generally happier in the garden than the house as these personalities love the great outdoors.

human: But you were not in the garden, I didn’t take you there.

dog: An Aries Ox may think cleaning and tidying incredibly boring but they are hardworking in any other task. They enjoy work that involves challenges and where there is the opportunity of progressing based on effort.

human: Oh no my dear, if I was busy sweeping the floor, doing laundry and going out to interviews and driving lesson, we could not be doing any sort of training at the same time.

dog: The Arian Ox must be ‘sitting’ and ‘waiting’ for you to come home. Now gimme my treat!

human: But I didn’t ask you to sit and wait for me to come home. I just asked you to behave yourself when I am not around.

dog: Same thing. The probability of the Arian Ox getting into mischief is high when it is not “sitting” and “waiting”.

human: I see. Well if you don’t mind me saying, its quite ridiculous for a dog to keep referring to itself as the Arian Ox when it is clearly a dog.

dog: The Arian Ox will refer to herself however she likes as befits the pack leader of this household. This matter is not up for debate.

human: Mr P do you hear that? Your dog thinks she’s a pack leader.

Mr P: Bwahahahahahaha. Look at her, just look at her.

human: Nope, we don’t think you are the pack leader around here my dear.

dog: We shall not entertain further discussion of this matter. *snorts loudly* The Arian OX will now go poke her blog friends Ruby the Black Labrador and Simba. Being a Leo and a Sagittarius, they get along best with an Arian dog. Not like some humans…

human: Just behave yourself so they don’t feel forced to chew your tail to take you down a peg or two.

dog: *has changed into costume of a mystic* The Arian Ox intends to read to them their sun signs so they may better know themselves and know that I am the one true pack leader among us all!

Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma/Mysterious

human: Baby, I think they already read their sun signs here and here on their human’s blog.

dog: *snotty snort snort* I am the pack leader, they will listen to me!

human: You’re hopeless. Go fetch! *throws hippo; mystic costume slips off dog as dog gives chase*

dog: *snort snort* You will not be rid of the pack leader so easy! Now throw again!

human: But I thought you are going visiting?

dog: I suppose I should visit Angel and Chaos first since their human gave me the WordPress Family Award. That makes me their pack leader too! And since I’m starting a pack, I think we should have lofty ideals. I think we should take over the world! And that means I need wise dogs, big dogs, dogs who can gobble up to world to join the pack. So these dogs and humans should all get the WordPress Family Award and join my pack: –


Angel and Chaos and Yashie,
Ruby the Black Labrador,
Sonel and Simba,
Kuruk and Victoria Julianne,
Linda Arthur Tejera,
Lens and Pens by Sally,
Linda Trunell,
Artinstructor and
Completely Disappear.

Aren’t I doing a good job as pack leader already? :3

human: *has wisely left dog alone to her piped dreams*

I was never really into Sun Signs. Even until now, the only things in the sky I can effectively point out are – the sun, the moon, the clouds, Orion’s belt and Mars. That’s about it. So isn’t it lucky that Donna the local mongrel’s sun sign just happened to be Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20), because hey, at least I can pick out an Arian’s ruling planet – Mars – in the night sky. Nevermind that I can’t pick out the actual Aries constellation :P

I was influenced by Sonel and Ruby the Black Labrador’s recent posts on Dog Sun Signs and couldn’t resist checking out what Donna’s will say. I thought the Arian in a nutshell could describe most local mongrels – Loyalty, Trust, Heart breaker, Forgets past failures, Active, Energetic. :) I also thought it would be interesting to see what the Chinese horoscope says, that’s why Donna is above referencing to herself as the Aries Ox. :P

This comes a little late, but I would like to thank The Thriving Pessimist, Angel and Chaos’ human, for nominating this blog the WordPress Family Award. :)

I was on WordPress many, many years back in my youth :P and there wasn’t such a great community back then compared to what I found now. I am very thankful for that. I’ve enjoyed all the fun dog and other posts from various bloggers and also the idle chit chat in the comments now and then when we happen to be online simultaneously. Besides individual blogs, I also think that photo challenges such as those being hosted by Lens and Pens by Sally and Sonel also help to fuel the community towards a common endeavour and engendering very positive interaction within the participating bloggers. It takes time and commitment not just to host but to foster continued interest and active participation in such blog hops and these awesome people are making the time and effort to host and keep it going.

But mostly I would like to give the WordPress Family Award to these people because they have thought it worth their time to interact with me and commented so often it feels like we’re just having an on-going conversation day by day. They took the time to write advice in detail when it comes to training Donna or when I experienced difficulties or just when they think I may be doing something not so advisable. I have only named the more interactive bloggers/commentors, but I do have to say that I really appreciate the readers who regularly came by, and also the little things like liking a post or saying good day because it all adds to that sense of being part of the community as well. :)

So thank you :3

If you would like to pass on the award to somebody else whom you feel have made an impact on your WordPress experience and family, visit Shaun’s page on the WordPress Family Award for more details.

p/s: “Mugshots are ugly” has recently been reblogged on the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA)  site. Thank you so much House Full of Dogs for the nomination again :3

Sun sign references:

24 thoughts on “My dog is a mystic “pack leader”

  1. I got a ping back here and wondered why…
    I created this award :-)
    Welcome to the “Word press family”

    ,More love, less hate

  2. You and Donna have definitely outdone yourselves! You have made me laugh when I really needed it. I adore what you did with the “Mysterious” Donna pic. And I thank you so much for mentioning my little blog and honoring me with a WordPress Family Award! Blessings to you! :)

    • Its awesome to know we have made you laugh when you needed it! :) We got a few outtakes from the “Mysterious” Donna pic since she wasn’t used to having a towel on her head, rather than under her or in her mouth :P But that’s a nice haughty shot of the pack leader I thought :P The rest is pure Snapseed, HDR Art and a teeny bit of photoshop awesomeness :P Have a great week, and more great posts on your blog ;)

  3. As usual your post brought a huge smile into my day. Then suddenly I find that you honored me with a WordPress Family Award. I am humbled, and it’s a pleasure to share the cyberspace family with your nominees and you.

  4. Oh, I so enjoyed this post and was sitting here laughing and giggling all the way as I could actually “see” the conversation between you and the “Arian Ox” Mrs. P! You’ve outdone yourself again hon and this was so well written. Even the “Arian Ox” can’t find a problem with any of it..hehehehe. Loved the photo’s! Donna is just sooooo adorable! :D

    Thanks so much for thinking of me and Simba re the WordPress Family Award hon. We are honored to be part of you and Donna’s family and it’s always such a joy to visit here. *big hugs* to you and Donna and lots of kisses. xxx

    • You are very welcome Sonel :) The Arian Ox is currently sleeping away rather than plotting to conquer the world. I think you have to take it that the conversation will not come through and you need not become the human spy for the ambitious-taking-over-the-world dog network. ;) You are definitely part of our dear beloved blogging family though! <33 Have a great week!

      • Whahahahahah! Oh, you do know how to make me laugh Mrs. P. Thanks, it was much needed. :D
        I am glad to be part of such a lovely family indeed hon. Thanks so much and have a great week as well. :D *big hugs*

  5. Great post as usual. You have such a wonderful imagination! Donna sounds like an aires through and through. Thanks so much for the nomination. I’ve also been very humbled by the interest, humour and kindness of strangers in the blogosphere and am very happy to have met you and Donna online. Will make contact again after we get back from hols next week. Ruby is currently stretched out on the sofa next to the log fire, smelling of the sea (actually a dead fish she rolled in this afternoon. Don’t think she wants to leave!

  6. Thank you for your support! I have a family blog called Improvisioner where I have talked about my pets and family. My life isn’t 100% all about art. :0
    The award seems to be a lighthearted and fun link.
    Continue to enjoy your pets and life.

      • I am not great with computers – so somehow all my blogs read artinstructor. :)
        I love your pup – so full of personality.= like your dialogue with her. My Chihuahua, Dali [after Salvador Dali] is a Cancer – soon to have her 3rd birthday – July 17th.

      • If you are interested in changing it, you can go to your Dashboard, click on “Users” and then “Personal Settings”, scroll down and you should find under Account details, the Website field, which is described as Automatically linked when you make comments. Although if you are more active as Artinstructor, it probably wouldn’t hurt to leave it as is.

        We only got Donna beginning of this year, so I don’t know if there is any other facets to her personality we have not discovered yet! I guess, time will show especially as our lifestyle changes along time.

        How true is Dali’s sun sign reading? Are you excited about Dali’s birthday? :P Btw, Dali is my favourite surrealist painter (probably since I don’t know many surrealist painters wahahahaha!!). We didn’t do anything special for Donna’s birthday though, I always think that birthdays for humans and dogs should be more significant for the birth mothers than the children. But its always good to have a reason to celebrate, birthdays and gotcha days included :P

        Have a great week :) Weekend coming soon!

    • Oh I agree that the community wasn’t so interactive the last time I was blogging here either! :P Some thing must have happened those years we were gone! :D Have a good weekend!

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